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KeraBotox - Kellis Keratin Treatment Frizz Control & Keratin Botox for Hair

KeraBotox Reconstructive Mask for Hair by Kellis Professional

$248.00 $154.00

KeraBotox Rejuvenating Mask for Hair is a revolutionary combination of Kellis Keratin Treatment Frizz Control and Keratin Botox for Hair. This mix will rejuvenate & rebuild your hair strands at a molecular level giving you that beautiful silky, shiny and healthy look you were naturally born with.


Keratin Treatment Control Frizz by Kellis Professional

$150.00 $114.99

Keratin Treatment Frizz Control

Kellis Keratin Treatment unique blend of keratin proteins, and organic oils, guarantees to eliminate damaged, dry and frizzy hair strands. Whether you have color-treated or thick hair, this treatment will give you the beautiful healthy, shiny and smooth look you always wanted!

Keratin Superior Control Frizz Kit

Kellis Keratin Treatment & Clarifying Shampoo

$165.00 $119.95

Kellis Keratin Treatment – Superior Frizz Control bundled with Kellis Clarifying Shampoo suitable for any type of hair.

Size: 16 FL OZ.

Sold only to beauty salons and licensed professional hairstylists.


Keratin Capillary Botox Mask for All Hair Types by Kellis Professional

$80.00 $59.99

Keratin Botox Mask

This deep therapy botox mask also known as Botox Capillary Hair Treatment has revolutionized the market with its quality and incredible results. Kellis Keratin Botox Mask restores your hair’s natural consistency strand by strand, from roots to ends for a silky, shiny, and healthy look!