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Detangling Brush by Kellis Professional

$30.00 $19.99

Detangling Brush

Kellis Professional Detangling Brush: Stop pulling your hair and start brushing! Finally, you can comb effortlessly without mistreating your beautiful hair with magical results in under a minute. A for all hair types detangling brush that is a must-have and a requirement for everyone’s daily hair care routine!


Smooth Silky Shine by Kellis Professional

$25.00 $22.99

Smooth Silky Shine Serum

Kellis Smooth Silky Shine serum is a cuticle protective serum with majestic proven results. Drastically sealing split ends and preventing hair breakage due to treatments, heat, or chemicals. Highlight the beauty of your hair once again with this incredible product.


Keratin Leave-In Conditioner by Kellis Professional

$25.00 $19.99

Keratin Leave-In Conditioner

Kellis Professional Keratin Leave-In Conditioner is an exclusive Brazilian formula for All Hair Types that combines the reconstructive power of keratin and essential nourishing organic oils to condition your hair cuticles all-day long!


3D Natural Fiber Lash Mascara by Kellis Professional

$35.00 $19.99

3D Natural Fiber Lash Mascara

Kellis 3D Fiber Lash Mascara: an intense volumizing mascara that will dramatically broaden your look by expanding your eyelashes 300% in thickness and volume. With enriched keratin, proteins and water-safe collagen extend your natural lashes in seconds. Noticeably augment your eyelashes by securing fibers without breaking or flaking.