Keratin Supply features a team of skilled customer service individuals whose specialties center on delivering high quality beauty products. For over 17 years, the task force that comprises has prided themselves on excelling in giving the end-user a more than satisfactory experience. We gather our expertise in such a way that always lends to the provision of “nothing but the best” services and products. So rest assured, your hair is in safe hands, with us at is dedicated to providing Kellis Professional’s highest quality blend of Brazilian Professional Keratin Treatments, Botox & Masks, Keratin Shampoos, Keratin Conditioners and Hair Styling products. All products have been meticulously formulated to give your hair an immediate silky, smooth, and healthy look that you will love.

They have taken the time to research and develop an organic hair care line utilizing the latest technological advancements to provide customers the best hair treatments in the market. All formulas have been carefully crafted; sourced by trusted certified suppliers, who are opposed to animal testing and share our ethics concerning the environment.

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Your beauty is our Art.
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  2. Quality over quantity.

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Detangling Brush by Kellis Professional

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Detangling Brush

Kellis Professional Detangling Brush: Stop pulling your hair and start brushing! Finally, you can comb effortlessly without mistreating your beautiful hair with magical results in under a minute. A for all hair types detangling brush that is a must-have and a requirement for everyone’s daily hair care routine!