Kellis Superior Smooth Shine

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Kellis Superior Smooth Shine is a new protective product that has come to revolutionize the market with incalculable results for your hair. Tested by expert hair stylists: it is now available to you in our store. Highlight the beauty of your hair once again with this incredible product.

Size: 4 FL OZ.



Uses and properties of Kellis Keratin Superior Smooth Shine:

  1. Protection from the sun:
    • Take your Superior Smooth Shine with you whenever you are out in the sun.
      • Lightly spray your hands, then pass it through your hair. It will make it impermeable by preventing salts from sea water from penetrating the cuticle and causing damage to your hair.
  2. Heat styling via hair blowing:
    • Before using a hair blower: 
      • Wash with the Sulfate-free Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner.
      • Add a touch of Superior Smooth Shine in your hands and then pass it over your wet hair.
      • Proceed to use your hair blower on each section of your hair, obtaining smooth and durable results to eliminate frizz  for up to 48 hours.

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Weight4 oz


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